Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements

A student must complete 26 credits for graduation. One credit of course work is the successful completion of a course which meets five (5) times per week for the entire school year.

Download the RHS 2018-2019 Course Description Handbook

English - 4 credits:

English 9

English 10

English 11

English 12, College Preparatory English or Advanced Placement (AP) English:

Literature & Composition

Science - 3 credits:

Introduction to Physics & Chemistry


Science Elective*

*Other approved Science electives may come from Agriculture or Health Occupations, but may not be accepted by post-secondary schools as a college prep Science course.

Social Studies - 3 credits:

U.S. History I

U.S. History II

American Issues

Mathematics - 3 credits:

See Mathematics flow chart in the Course Description Booklet

Physical Education - 1.5 credits

Business Education - 1.0 credits:

Information Processing

Personal Finance (Starting with Class of 2019)

Health - 0.5 credits:

Health 10

Total Required Electives: 15.5

Additional Electives: 10.5

Total Credits: 26.0