College & University Information

College & University Information

UW System Electronic Application

• Cost - varies with application type

• Applications are accepted starting in September

• Print out Counselor's Form and submit to your school counselor

• Notify counselor and complete a - Transcript Request Form

• Make sure official ACT and/or SAT scores were sent to the college admissions office

• Apply early - priority dates will be different for every school

UW System HELP

This site contains information on all the institutions in the University of Wisconsin System including 13 universities, 13 freshman-sophomore Colleges and UW-Extension.

UW Campuses

A direct link to each of the schools in the UW system.

Wisconsin Private Colleges

A Mentor system is an online resource to help students and their families select a college, apply for admission, and plan to finance higher education. WisconsinMentor offers access to information and admissions applications for independent colleges and universities within Wisconsin. When a student applies for admission to a college or university, he or she is charged a standard fee by the school; otherwise, Mentor systems are provided free-of-charge.

Wisconsin Technical Colleges

• The cost to apply varies per school

• Apply online or by paper application

• Submit official transcripts with your application

• Schedule to take the COMPASS/ACCUPLACER test or other placement test per technical college requirements

The Common Application

Now in our fourth decade, the Common Application currently provides both online and print versions of its First-year and Transfer Applications. Our membership of more than 300 institutions now represents the full range of higher education institutions in the US: public and private, large and small, highly selective and modestly selective, and East Coast, West Coast, and every region in between.