September 22, 2016

posted Sep 22, 2016, 6:27 AM by Cynthia Stiemsma

Lunch today: All-American Chicken Wrap, Cheesey Cauliflower, Fruit, Garden Bar

Breakfast tomorrow: Cereal Bowl Pack, Cheese Stick, Fruit

PBIS Reminder - Bathroom - today -Safe

Just a reminder to first and second graders… We are worried that you are throwing away the good food that is on your tray. Please eat your lunch so you are ready to learn in the afternoon.  

Bus students, please keep your hands to yourself on the way out to the bus. We don’t close middle school lockers.  

Any 5th-7th grade students interested in becoming part of the Safety Patrol can pick up a form in the office and return it with parent and teacher signatures by Tuesday.