December 21, 2016

posted Dec 21, 2016, 6:36 AM by Cynthia Stiemsma

Lunch today:  Christmas Chicken Nuggets, Green Bean Packers, Fruit & Garden Bar, Cookie

Breakfast January 3: Cereal bar, yogurt cup & fruit

There were a lot of festive sweaters worn by the staff yesterday.

The votes have been counted and the winners are…

Mrs. Vredeveld for the store bought sweater.

Mrs. Otto for the homemade sweater.

There is a red and black pair of boots in the office that were sent over from the high school.  If they are yours, please come down to the office to claim them. 

Someone left a book in the Art Room during study hall yesterday.  If it is yours, please stop in to claim it.

We also have a pair of glasses in the office.  If you think they are yours, please stop in the office.

Reminder to have your students go through the cafeteria to see if any of the items in the lost and found belong to them.  During break, the contents will be donated, so claim your lost items now.  

Please make sure that each classroom has their lunchbox crate in the cafeteria cleaned out.  If there are lunchboxes remaining over break, they will be discarded for sanitary purposes.  There will be a MS dance in the cafeteria starting at 2:00, so please have them clean them out before that time  Thank you!

Any students in grades 5-8 that are interested in a Youth Strength and Conditioning class, there will be one starting on Tuesday, January 3rd at A & B Fitness.  The class runs from 6:00 to 6:50 AM on Tuesday mornings.  If interested, please stop in the office to pick up a flyer.

5th and 6th hour today for the 8th grade will be changed.

Instead of having Phy Ed today, you will be having Study Hall.

There will be no AIM tonight.